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We revolutionize the way developers understand, write, and debug their codes.

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Clarity is a revolutionary AI for coding that not only provides clear explanations and tailored exercises but also offers smart comments for enhanced code quality.

With the ability to answer queries about your codebase, Clarity serves as an indispensable companion, empowering developers with insightful assistance and efficient learning.

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Our Mission

At Clarity, we aim to empower developers with an intuitive and innovative coding companion tailored to enhance their productivity and understanding of code. We are committed to providing a seamlessly integrated Visual Studio Code extension offering clear, intelligent, context-aware code suggestions, real-time documentation, and collaborative features.

Our goal is to simplify the development process, enabling developers to write both efficient and comprehensible code. Clarity aims to bridge the gap between experts and novices, making coding accessible while preserving best practices.

The Team Behind Clarity


Rodrigo Barien III

Chief Executive Officer


Richmond Lavadia

Chief Technology Officer


Emmalaine Llamas

Chief Operations Officer


Sander Sedano